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    04 May, 2021
    Posted by Steve
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    Design tips for an ideal work from home space

    Chaning times have meant many of us working from home now and in the future and so we explore some design tips for an ideal work from home space. Thanks to The English Home, we’re diving into some of their design ideas.

    Looking at the design tips, it is inspiring to see how an ideal work from home space can be functional and practical with some thought. Most of us need this creative space with good power, lighting and good wifi connections. With more and more going to the cloud, having that inturupted wifi is crucial.

    Since the majority of the week is spent looking at or around the room’s pieces, we’re exploring some design tip recommend surrounding yourself with harmonious but also stimulating objects to propel you through the working day. Here, we share some tips on how to lift your home office interior.


    Designer Sarah Peake flags that a home office “needs to be able to inspire creativity, but also to instil focus”. Perhaps a selection of artwork dispersed around the space to boost inspiration upon a moment’s procrastination? Engaging pieces can encourage a more positive mindset, especially as working from home can be fairly isolating. 


    An appeasing wall colour, especially based off a warm palette, can help create a soothing and concentrating environment. For a striking style statement, add contrasting colours of paint and give distinction to an area within the room – possibly framing your desk. 


    There is no reason why files and folders that are on show should be exempt from a room design. Choosing an engaging selection of colourful and patterned stationary can add a finishing touch to your office space. Brands such as Bindewerk offer an array of folder prints and styles matching between your notepads, folders and pens.

    Design tips for the ideal home office working space - don't forget to plan for good wifi and lighting


    Jane Churchill’s home office in a conservatory location creates a light filled space

    Natural Light & Lighting 

    Optimising natural light in your working space can prevent a drained feeling, especially from staring at a computer screen for too long. Install French windows or doors to let as much light in as possible, or perhaps a skylight for those easily distracted by the outside world.

    For those shorter days where lighting is needed, having energy efficient quality lighting providing you a near natural light will be a subtle but crucial need.

    Planning how to use the space and how it may change can help and we’re on hand to help provide the advice and installation of electrical connections to help future proof your home office.

    Positioning and Changing Space

    When considering where to set up a home office, think of the distractions architecturally and physically. Positioning yourself in the centre of the home can be difficult to concentrate, particularly near the kitchen or living room.  This is usually the hub of activity, therefore create a work space away from the hustle of the house.


    Foresight in the height of your home-office chair, desk, lighting and screen is a must for true comfort without slovenly posture. There is a great range of stylish desk chairs out there which provide support and style, can add flair to a scheme.



    If you’re planning a new home-office or in need of an upgrade to your wifi, get in touch. I’ll be happy to chat over your needs and see how best to help.  Using industry leading wifi connection routers, I can help you improve your vital connections whilst providing you the lighting space you need.


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