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    Frequently Asked Questions
    You will find answers to all of your most common SJB Smart Electrics related questions located here.
    Can SJB Smart Electricals do home improvement installations?
    Yes! Just get in touch so we can discuss your project and help you plan the best Smart outcome
    Does SJB Smart Electricals do home energy reports for selling houses?
    Yes, we've got a fixed price for all houses up to 5 bed so just get in touch to book your report.
    Where does SJB Smart Electricals travel to?
    Currently we are focusing on the north west regions of the UK however we do work around the UK. Get in touch to discuss your project or contract and we'll be happy to support you.
    Do you recommend products to install?
    Yes, we have recommended suppliers we can suggest for your project or we can discuss you buying in your own products for us to install
    How is SJB Smart Electricians work guaranteed?
    We are registered with the NICEIC industry body to guarantee our work!
    Will SJB Electricians come out to an emergency?
    Yes! We have maintenance contract options to reduce unwanted costs however we will respond to emergency call-outs, just get in touch.
    Are there grants for EV (electric car and electric vehicle) charger installations?
    Yes, for home and commercial properties. We can help you complete these to get those filled in to save you hundreds of pounds!
    What about outdoor lighting and fittings?
    We offer a variety of lighting products including decorative colonial, cobra head, directional floodlights, and security lights. We can customize plans to fit any lighting need.