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    EV Services
    EV Charger Installations

    We are promoting and encouraging the implementation of electrical charging infrastructures for homes, shops, public parking, hotels, campsites and wherever we can to promote a cleaner future. All of our vehicle chargers are compatible with all plug-in vehicles.



    Depending on the chosen make, costs vary however there are grants available to help meet the cost of installation.  

    Which charger do I need?

    We’re working with a key selection of EV charger partners and can recommend the right one for your needs.

    • * Leading suppliers for the latest technology
    • * Smart installations
    • * Meters that pay you – tracking green electricity suppliers
    • *We are proudly a carbon-neutral business.

    Fully trained and only working trusted key partners, you can be assured of the options and quality.

    EV Charging for public or work premises with easy payments
    EV Charging for public or work premises with easy payments

    Commercial/workplace charge points

    A commercial or workplace with a sleek design that can be wall-mounted or post mounted to give it versatility during installations. Using the integrated payment terminal EV Drivers can pay for charging sessions with contact/contactless and swipe using a credit/debit card as well as e-wallet to make the user experience as easy and simple as possible – just tap and go.


    EV Charger Installer for offices, schools, commercial or industrial areas from SJB Smart Electricals around the north of England.   Contact us to discuss your needs.