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  • SJB Smart Electricals are an Ohme Approved Installer
    Ohme Home Charging Service
    A Smart EV Charger from Ohme

    Ohme have a new way of charging – a smart charging system that will nudge you to charge your EV at times of peak electrical grid supply by reducing costs and may even pay you to charge!

    • Automatic closing of the cheapest available electricity to save you money
    • Charges to what you’ll need for your next journey
    • Simple to control from mobile app
    • Professionally installed 
    • Wall-mounted Ohme EV charger 
    • Government grant available to reduce installation costs
    • Tethered cable available in both Type 1 and Type 2
    • Fast charging at 32A / 7.4kW (about 25 miles an hour)
    • 3G / 4G connectivity for easy set up
    • Includes RCD (Type A and 6mA DC)

    Home Charging

    The Ohme home charger is a climate-conscious and convenient way to charge that reduces the cost of owning an electric vehicle. Perfect for drivers who want to set and forget.


    Ohme home smart EV chargers installed by SJB Smart Electricals
    Ohme home smart EV chargers installed by SJB Smart Electricals

    Charging on the go

    An Ohme portable cable gives you the flexibility to charge at home or on the move. It’s simple to set up and will upgrade existing chargepoints to allow intelligent charging with the Ohme App.

    SJB Smart Electricals are authorised installers for Ohme-EV electric vehicle charger units from Derbyshire and Cheshire, Manchester, Lancashire, Yorkshire and Cumbria – get in touch to talk to us about your EV charging needs for home, office, commercial or workplace.