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  • Smart Homes
    Making your house Smart

    The opportunity to save money on a Smart home is one of the major benefits.  Whether you’re starting from scratch or upgrading, talk to us and we’ll be happy to help point you in the right direction for suppliers, ideas and installation.

    How to make your home Smart

    Building up a Smart home makes sense in a lot of ways. Saving money being one of the big benefits as you’ll also be able to use less energy and reduce your electricity bill!

    Whilst we all, mainly, live on our technology these days, having a smart home allows you to control your home from your phone, in one place.

    Timed entry to motion sensitive lighting, being able to change the mood and colour of your lighting, having a smart home can really help you create the relaxing or vibrant home you want in different rooms of the house at different times of the day.

    The convenience factor can’t be ignored either. Nothing worse than laying in bed realising a light is on downstairs glowing down the corridor! Quick tap on your phone and it can be switched off!

    What do you need to make a Smart home

    Key things you need to make your home Smart are quire simple. We’ll take a quick look at each and if you’re interested and have any questions, get in touch and we’ll be happy to chat through.


    Wifi Connection

    True, they all need wifi to work and in some homes that can cause fun. The pressure for good connections around the house can add some challenges, especially when the working from home so getting that connectivity right around the home can help in all manor of ways, let alone for building a Smart home.

    I’ve written a few important tips on getting and setting up good wifi so if you’re not sure, take a read.


    Time and cost investment

    Unless you’ve suddenly got the urge to make wholesale changes overnight, I’d suggest that converting your house to a Smart Home can be done over time. A room or project at a time can give you the peace of mind and enjoyment as you go. Not only that, you’ll find what you like and don’t like and each room then can be a slightly easier step. Entire systems can be fitted and would need some more support.


    Installation support

    A lot of simple solutions exist out on the market that mean you can just ‘plug and play’. In a few minutes of playing, you’ve got your first lightbulb or plug working from your home. When you look at installing an entire system or a more advanced set up, having trained installation support can help. Fitting control panels, linking all the units together and even on site training can help get you up and running.

    Available from SJB Smart Electricals at trade discounts with installation and ongoing support for peace of mind.  Contact us to discuss your needs.