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    26 Sep, 2021
    Posted by Steve
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    Finding and fixing electrical problems

    When looking into finding and fixing electrical problems, it is always an element of the unknown. Recently we’ve been called to investigate a fault on a house with an the electric tripping at odd times which had been a growing issue. The intermittent tripping is frustrating enough for anyone but when you’re away and lose the entire fridge and freezer contents, that’s even worse.

    There can be a number of issues when looking into these types of faults to find and often you’ll come across and find one.

    Fault finding at a new level!

    This fault finding challenge was at a new level!

    Not only were loose wiring found in two sockets in the kitchen, virtually every socket upstairs had faults. On the face of it, no initial fault could be seen, visually that is, on the sockets. The in-depth testing was the key and our team knuckled down and not only found all of these, and didn’t stop at one but kept finding them, but then fixed them in an morning too.

    Satisfied customer

    It is satisfying for us resolving these unseen and quite a challenge. Even better is the customer who’s now, after suffering for 18 months of intermittent tripping, now has a safe and fully working home again.

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