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    15 Mar, 2021
    Posted by Steve
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    A new Ai lead security camera launches for the home

    A new Ai lead security camera launches for the home from global leader in home intelligence, EZVIZ. Taking your security at home seriously is no bad thing and if you are looking to upgrade or install a new alternative, this new Ai range could be what you’re looking for.

    Growing Range

    Adding your new Ai security camera is one thing but expanding your Smart home into an integrated range is another. This company, EZVIZ has a portfolio ranging from security cameras and smart doorbells, to smart lighting and more. The first quarter for 2021 should be interesting as the company promises more new products to build the Smart and Ai lead range.

    The new Ai lead security camera include EZVIZ’s first-ever outdoor pan/tilt camera C8C, and the orb-shaped rotational indoor camera C6W. Both cameras are designed for 360-degree, intelligent monitoring to cover every corner around and inside the household, along with a compact, delightful designed to fit in any environment.

    Looking at the detail

    The EZVIZ range for their security cameras boast a range of features, we take a look at the detail below. With human detection and colour night vision, there is plenty to explore.

    • C8C outdoor pan/tilt camera: An all-in-one camera that records, detects, and deters effectively in the face of property security needs. Designed to overcome challenges in outdoor surveillance and protection, the C8C boasts powerful features including panoramic monitoring, AI-powered human shape detection, color night vision, and event-triggered active defense. 
    • C6W indoor pan/tilt camera: A smart orb that harmonizes with modern décor with its pleasant look while delivering powerful, panoramic monitoring. The C6W can automatically zoom in up to 4 times to capture details when motions are detected. To filter out irrelevant alerts, the auto-zoom tracking can also be set to “human tracking only.” 
    • BC1 battery-powered camera kit: A breakthrough product designed for simple placement in anywhere at any time. The BC1 camera, coupled with a base station, guarantees super long usage with one single battery charge. It also inherits EZVIZ’s core technologies in color night vision, two-way talk, active defense and more. 
    • C3W Pro outdoor camera with color night vision: An AI-powered upgrader to the best-selling C3W, and an endeavor to expand EZVIZ’s beloved C3 outdoor series. The C3W Pro is equipped with multiple enhancements in late-night monitoring, alert accuracy and video quality. It provides human detection supported by built-in AI algorithm, and color night vision for colored imaging even at dark night. 
    • C6CN Pro indoor pan/tilt camera: A must-have to boost indoor safety at every level. It enhances alert accuracy with advanced AI, and improves image clarity under all circumstances through upgrades on both hardware and software – it is equipped with starlight lens for low-light monitoring, as well as true-WDR technology to better balance out image over-exposure.

    If you’d like to explore more opportunities and ranges for your smart home, more can be seen online. If you’d like to get advice or talk to us about installation support or wifi connection needs for your smart home, get in touch.

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