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  • SJB Smart Electricals approved Ohme Installer
    Fleet Management 
    EV Fleet Management made possible

    Ohme is one of the Electric Vehicle solutions to help manage an entire fleet of EV’s not just the odd car.  With more commercial vehicles turning to electric, this software could help you save money and keep your fleet on the road.

    • Monitor and report the cost of charging at fleet and individual vehicle level
    • Allocate costs among home, work and on-the-road charging
    • Calculate home charging expenses
    • View Carbon dioxide emissions and savings
    • Using the app drivers can easily track and submit personal and work miles
    • They can also choose their home energy tariff

    Commercial EV Chargers

    The Ohme charge is a climate-consicious and convent way to charge that reduces costs.  If however, you’re already on that journey and have chargers installed and want to convert to Ohme, that too is possible.

    Ohme have a clever solution to allow you to convert your existing EV chargers to utilise Ohme’s technology.   “Ohme Inside” will give you that power to enjoy greater flexibility.  Find out more by calling us.  Government grants are currently available for new EV installations which SJB Smart Electricals can help you with across single or multiple sites.

    SJB Smart Electricals are authorised installers for Ohme-EV electric vehicle charger units from Derbyshire and Cheshire, Manchester, Lancashire, Yorkshire and Cumbria – get in touch to talk to us about your EV charging needs for home, office, commercial or workplace.